Welcome to 'The Salt'

After three very successful years The Kilchoman UK Saltwater Flyfishing Festival will be held from 27th to 30th September, based and hosted around the historic fishing harbour of St Mawes, Cornwall.

Participants will fish from the shoreline, using the many beaches and rocky areas where sport is to be found, using your your fishing skills and watercraft. The fish being returned unhurt to the water with catch and release. A full social programme is included and there are some superb prizes on offer.  Accommodation is available to suit all budgets and there will also be a ‘training’ day included in the entry price, featuring some of Cornwall’s top pro guides

Thanks to the strong support of Kilchoman, our title sponsor, the 2018 festival will feature a greater variety of training clinics. There will also be detailed local information, available only to festival participants, of the best local marks and how these vary with tide and wind conditions. .

Throughout the festival lunch will be arranged at various local pubs so everyone can get together over a drink and some food to discuss the mornings happenings.

For those that enjoy fishing from a boat, or who fancy grilling a local guide for some more knowledge, Nick Mackrory (Bassgodeeper) will be available for hire throughout the festival.